Lilith, “How A Father’s Addiction Formed A Jewish Feminist”

Activism for just causes is part of my Jewish tradition. I wasn’t given a Jewish education; such education was reserved for my brother. But I became interested in Judaism through the women’s movement and its consciousness-raising, to which I gravitated because I was the daughter of a Jewish heroin addict.

Feminism helped me understand why my mother persisted in her relationship with my father, despite the many tragic ups and downs caused by my father’s addiction.

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Jewish Book Council, Visiting Scribe

Dr. Sharon Leder Associate Professor Emerita is a natural organizer who founded Jewish Studies at S.U.N.Y.-Nassau Community College. Past Vice President of Am HaYam Cape Cod Havurah she currently serves its Interfaith Justice Committee. She is the author of the The Fix: A Father’s Secrets, A Daughter’s Search. Read full article here

Author Interview with Dr. Pamela Brewer (

Eight-year-old Sara Katz huddles under the covers, listening to her parents’ muffled arguments and fighting the sleep that inevitably brings her bad dreams. Is my daddy a good father? Is it my job to fix him? As Josef Katz’ sickness worsens, young Sara is torn apart by her family’s need to keep its “shame” a…